To be able to know, compose, create, build and even try out how your project can be, Jatoba offers tools and think like you. Customize your project with us.  

The Studio Jatoba is a project development service. We create with you, transforming the environment to the way you dreamed.

The project it’s free, that’s right! We only charge the installation!

At Studio Jatoba we work with any creation that involves tablet, from special small bands or frames to more complex designs. We create elaborate carpets, designed panels, floral, logos and anything you can imagine. These designs can be used in toilets, living rooms, kitchens and balconies. They also look great outdoors as swimming pools, saunas, barbecue grills and facades.

For this the Jatoba has a specialized team of architects, besides equipment that allow the graphical display of the composition, that is very close to how it will look in reality

Made on boards, the design comes to labor organized and outlined for the application, which facilitates the settlement in the correct order.

Preliminary idea
with measures
Numbered plates for settlement

Based on your idea and the measures of the room, the team from Studio Jatoba develops its design. Once the proposal and measures are approved, the project is sent to our factory for assembling the plates that will make up the establishment. After this stage, the material is numbered and sent to work for the installation be done by a professional of your confidence.

For the purchase of tablets, go to a boutique that has our products on portfólio, but architects should seek our sales representative.

Environments with unique designs and customized in the way you dreamed, from the simplest to the most complex, but always unique as a work of art.