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  How much grout and mortar are used per m²?
The quantities may vary, but on average you can consider these following inputs: To become and grout simultaneously: 6kg / m². To settle: 4.0 kg / m2. For grouting: 2.0 kg / m².

What’s the type of grout and mortar suitable for tablets?
For the application of tablets we recommended the use of High adhesion and flexibility Gluing Mortar. You can find it in specific mortars market for porcelain tiles, glass tiles, swimming pools and facades, for that, we recommend the correct mortar for each type of product and environment, according to the orientation of the grout manufacturer. You can use the mortar that serves to settle and grout simultaneously, but specific adhesive mortar only for settlement and specif mortar only for grouting (grout).

For a good performance of mortar and grout you must follow all the manufacturer's guidelines. Below are some important tips in its preparation.

- Make the dosing and mixing always in a place protected from the sun, wind and rain.
- Always use clean water and strictly obey the proportion of water and mortar that is determined by the manufacturer.
- Slowly add the powder (mortar) in water, mixing continuously until you achieve a pasty and firm mixture, free of dry lumps.
- Let the mixture sit for 10 to 15 minutes and mix again before starting the application.
- Do not use the mortar after the maximum time allowed by the manufacturer.
- Do not add more water to the mortar in use.

Strictly follow the open time of the adhesive mortar defined by the manufacturer.

What is the spacing (joints) between the pads?
The minimum size between the pads is 2mm, but this size may vary according to the dimensional variation of the pads.

How thick are the pads?
- Size: 2x2 / Type: Natural / Collage: Paper / Thickness (mm): 3,5
- Size: 2,5x2,5 / Type: Glazed e Natural / Collage: Paper e Canvas / Thickness (mm): 4,0
- Size: 2,5x5,0 / Type: Glazed / Collage: Paper / Thickness (mm): 6,0
- Size: 2,5x5,0 / Type: Natural / Collage: Paper / Thickness (mm): 6,5
- Size: 5x5 / Type: Glazed e Natural / Collage: PVC / Thickness (mm): 6,0
- Size: 5x5 / Type: Glazed / Collage: Paper / Thickness (mm): 6,0
- Size: 5x5 / Type: Cobogó Natural / Collage: Paper / Thickness (mm): 6,2

How to remove the paper from pad?
The withdrawal of the paper should be made following the procedures below:
- Wet the paper of settled with clean water using a paintbrush or brush;
- After the water application, wait 5 minutes and start the removal of the paper.
- Glue residue on the paper can be removed using clean water and rubbing the surface with a slightly damp paintbrush and ending with a sponge.

How to remove mortar and grout rest of the tablet?
The final cleaning must be done carefully by no later than 72 hours after the end of the grouting. In case of dirt excess (mortar residue and impregnated grout) we recommend using an acid detergent for removal. There are many products on the market for this type of cleaning and its use should be made strictly following the guidelines of the manufacturer. Examples of commercial products: Desincrustrante LP Pisoclean, Fermalimpa Quartzolit, Clean Max Porcelanato. (caso queria as marcas traduzidas Descaler LP Pisoclean, Fermalimpa Quartzolit, Clean Max Porcelain.)

What type of trowel it’s most suitable for settlement of the tablets?
For indoor use notched trowel of 6x6x6mm and for outdoor use 8x8x8mm.

How to cut glass and porcelain tablets?
The tablets can be cut with circular or pincers supporting the board on a flat surface saw. For cutting with pincers mark with a scriber where you want to cut.

What is the time required to fill a pool after the application of tablets?
The pool can be filled after the curing time determined by the manufacturer of the mortar and grout used.

What is the time required to remove the paper from the tablets?
The removal of the paper should be made when the grout is stiff (on average 45 to 60 minutes after fixing). This time may be longer due to temperature and climate conditions of the environment.

What is the difference between joints finished at paper and dot of glue?
Both tablets glued on paper and pasted on the dot of glue (PVC) are mounted on the same template, so, the plates have the same dimensions and the same joints size. However, plates bonded on paper can suffer slight decrease causing the size of the plate and joints slightly smaller. Therefore, we advise that plates with different finish (Paper x PVC) don’t be used together, because the joints may not work together.

Can the tablet be settle on another ceramic coating already seated?
The tablets may be settled on another ceramic coating existing, however, you must use specific mortar to this situation, with due guarantee of the grout manufacturer.

Can porcelain or glass tablets be settle on grills?
The tablets are made on extremely high temperatures, have low thermal expansion and high thermal shock resistance. These properties garantees the use on grills, however, it’s necessary that the barbecue has a thermal insulation. The tablet does not undergo any change due to the heat, but the mortar may lose grip and cause detachment, so the mortar used must be indicated for this situation and should have the guarantee of their manufacturer. Another important tip is to specify enamelled smooth tablets, as these are easier to clean.